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  • Dale Schaefer

Why Is Marketing Automation A Must For B2B Companies?

Marketing Automation is a must for B2B companies because it generates more revenue, increases ROI and grows profits exponentially. As you can see below, Marketing Automation drives a 451% increase in qualified sales leads for businesses.

Only 3% of B2B companies are currently using Marketing Automation so this is great opportunity to get ahead of your competition and grow your revenue and profits in a BIG way. With Marketing Automation, you can eliminate waste in your marketing and focus on the tactics that are driving your sales.

Marketing Automation will generate more leads for your sales team while saving valuable time for your marketing department. It all leads to more profits for you and your company.

Maverick Marketing will do a Free Lunch and Learn at your office for your Leadership team so you can find out if Marketing Automation is right for you. Call Dale Schaefer to reserve a day & time at (502) 775-9789.

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